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Duty Free Christchurch Airport

Would you like to save up to 20% on your purchase the next time you travel internationally through Christchurch airport? Duty Free purchases can be made through this website for collection at Christchurch airport on departure or arrival. And, if you use your Frequent Buyer Club number to shop online or over the phone, you can save up to 20% on your purchase.

The purchased goods can then be collected at The Collection Point at Christchurch airport, located in the International Departures or Arrivals area at Christchurch airport.

It is possible to pre-order your duty free through this website or by ringing 0800-829373 for both departure as well as arrival flights. Pre-order your duty free now and save time at the airport. Please note that we require at least two working days to process all internet orders.

New Zealand also has some of the most generous allowances in the world. In most cases each adult can import 3 x 1125ml bottles of spirits or liqueurs, plus 6 x 750ml bottles of wine or port, plus 200 cigarettes without paying any extra duty or tax (some conditions apply). Please have a look at our allowances page for more details.

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