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Duty free allowances differ for each country you enter and can vary hugely depending on which airport you're travelling to. New Zealand's duty free allowances are among the most generous in the world, however there are still restrictions in place which you should know to avoid paying a goods and services tax (GST) on any purchases made.

New Zealand Allowances

There are various concessions and duty-free entries that will almost certainly apply to some of your goods.

When arriving in New Zealand, duty free allowances per adult are:
  • No more than 3 bottles of spirits (up to a maximum of 1.125mL each)
  • 4.5L of Wine, port, sherry, champagne (6 bottles) or beer (12 cans)
  • Up to NZ $700 of other goods purchased duty free or overseas.
Any amounts over the above will be liable for Customs duty, and goods and services tax (GST). This includes individual bottles purchased which are of greater volume than 1.125mL.

To have a further look at duty free allowances on spirits, wine, beer and other goods, in New Zealand, Australia and many other international destinations, download the Duty Free Allowance Guide.
Download your Duty Free Allowance guide
Download DutyFreeAllowancesNZ

Please note that all duty free allowances are for personal consumption only, and it is your responsibility to check custom allowances for each of your travel destinations. If you're unsure about your duty free allowance, call Duty Free Stores New Zealand on 0800 829 3733 or +64 4380 7500 from overseas.

Are you carrying any Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs)? Please be aware of security regulations.

Below are the duty free allowances into both New Zealand and Australia. Duty Free Allowances are for personal consumption only.


Into New Zealand per adult:
o Not more than 3 bottles of spirits (up to a maximum of 1.125L each)
o 4.5L of Wine, Port, Sherry, Champagne (6 bottles) or beer (12 cans).
o NZD $700 of other goods purchased Duty Free or overseas.

Into Australia per adult:
o Up to 2.25L of alcohol (total)
o Up to AUD $900 worth of personal goods (AUD $450 for minors).

Please note that families can combine their Australian personal goods allowance. For example, two adults can pool their personal goods allowance to purchase goods worth AUD $1800. Alcohol allowances cannot be shared between travelers.

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